IMG_4946Spiritual Guidance

Centered in our hearts, connected to Earth and Spirit, we’ll contact your guides, healers, teachers, and allies to bring you the wisdom-based knowledge you’re seeking. This is especially powerful for connecting to your soul’s purpose, clarifying next steps, and cheering you on your way.

Energy Healing and Soul Integration

Energy healing involves respectful adjustments to the flow and integrity of your energy body. Soul integration brings body and soul into conscious relationship, facilitating shifts in perception and power. You will also receive essential instructions or homework for further integration and maintenance. This service may include connecting you with spirit guides, animals, plants, and minerals to aid in your awakening. It is particularly useful for those seeking to move beyond restrictive old patterns.


This is a sacred relationship over time to support you as you discover, embrace, and embody the truth of your essential nature and your vocation. It may involve teaching or the imparting of skills. It may call for healing work and ceremony. Certainly, we will learn from one another. For those seeking ongoing witness while bringing their unique gifts into the world.

Ceremonies and Classes

This will have to do until there’s a great photo of a large circle doing the Hokey-Pokey…

Opportunities to connect with Earth, Spirit, and each other, ceremonies and classes are agents of transformation. Whether through prayer, ritual action, or learning, we place ourselves in a cauldron of change.  By expanding consciousness or skills we empower ourselves. And we often have some fun!

Ceremonies such as weddings, house blessings, dedications, and rites of passage may be commissioned and customized for individual, community, or family needs.

Open prayer ceremonies are hosted periodically when nudged by Spirit or requested by folks like you.

Past classes have included:

  • Shamanic journeying
  • Ongoing journey circles
  • Creating sacred space and personal ceremony
  • Voices in the Round: vocal exercises to shift energy, open creative flow, and experience union
  • From the Bones: connecting to Earth, Spirit, and Our Bodies for authentic living
  • Neighborhood walks to identify trees

Circle Training for Groups and Communities

Together, we are strong. With shared resources and collective wisdom, we build a sustainable future. Based on the vision and teaching of Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, founders of The Circle Way, circle training draws us into skills of intentional speaking, listening with discernment, shared leadership, and relying on Spirit. We learn to acknowledge and draw on the leader in each of us, deal effectively with shadow, and resolve conflict.

Garden Consultation and Coaching

Garden development is really about energy and the flow of energy through space. These sessions impart practical knowledge and skills for improving your relationship with the ground you steward.

Collaborations and Requests

I love collaborating on events, classes, ceremonies, and individual services. I also love entertaining requests for events or residencies. So, if you’re inspired, let me know!

Scheduling Services

All individual services are by appointment. Although mentoring can take place via phone or Skype, I prefer to be in the same space for other individual services. Fees are $90 per session, each lasting 90-120 minutes.

Payment is expected at the time of service. However, no sober request for a session will be denied based on inability to pay. Sliding scale or other arrangements can be made at the time you book your appointment.

To schedule an appointment phone or text 719-660-1796 or email

Registration and payment information for ceremonies, classes, circle training, and other events will be posted when the events are scheduled.

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