You have everything you need to live in the fullness of Being.

Rev. Cheryl Conklin, MSEd, is an ordained School of Peace interfaith minister and a student of the Living School of Action and Contemplation. She holds a masters degree in counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Cheryl is also a consummate writer, educator, and ceremonialist.

Cheryl is vibrantly sourced with deep listening skills, creative tools, and an array of healing modalities. These resources come from a wide variety of training,  many years of living and working in the natural world, and a lifetime of practice in expressive and contemplative arts.

Adept at traveling the interface between contemplative practice, shamanism, and expressive arts, Cheryl has developed profound methods to help you use these practices to gain wisdom, insight, direction, and healing.

Into the Fullness of Being: Tools for Spiritually Empowered Living, was written by Cheryl as an invitation into the transformational journey. Filled with teaching stories, practical ideas, and suggested activities, the first edition is spiral bound and includes blank pages and pockets, making it a handy workbook. Self-published and available here.

Cheryl currently resides in Colorado.