It is your birthright to tend your soul’s garden. To claim your vocation. To be fully at home, wherever you are. To know you’re connected, through your heart, to the heart of All that Is.

Cheryl Conklin, MSEd, offers loving support and essential skills for discovering and tending soul-centered lives.

She is vibrantly sourced with a vast capacity to bring guides, teachers, and healers into each session. She also draws on a wide array of healing modalities, creative tools, education, and training as well as many years of living and working in the natural world. Cheryl earned a BA in English from Macalester College and a masters degree in counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Based on classical vocal training and the groundbreaking work of Kirstin Linklater, Cheryl has developed profound methods of tapping the voice for healing and accessing intuitive knowledge.

Cheryl is currently studying to become an ordained Interfaith Peace Minister through the School of Peace in Asheville, NC. She is also a member of a learning cohort in The Living School of Action and Contemplation through the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM.

tomatoes in hand

Cheryl is the author of Into the Fullness of Being: Tools for Spiritually Empowered Living. Filled with teaching stories, practical ideas, and suggested activities, the first edition is spiral bound and includes blank pages and pockets, making it a handy workbook. Self-published and available here.

Cheryl currently resides in Colorado.