Communion in Full Voice

2 communion

On April 11 I will join Elena Singing Otter, once again, to offer “Singing the Spark: Igniting the Flame of Communion.” This is the final in our series of empowering voice workshops. It’s been amazing.

When we circle up this time, I’ll coach the chorus into a gospel choir, complete with movement, singing out loud, and layers of spontaneous outbursts of joy. I will also guide an exercise to seat the voice in the pelvic floor. This supports the whole vocal expression by opening a channel of spirited energy through the body.

Elena will introduce creating a sound pool through free-form toning. Sound pools allow participants to enter ecstatic states and there to receive guidance or insight or to shift energy or perspective on an issue.

Following “Singing the Spark,” we will hold monthly, open, facilitated sound pools.

A glorious way to stay tuned!